We all have emotional attachment with our ethnic attires, which actually makes it difficult to get rid of them even after repeating it for many occasions. Then, we get bored and need a redesigning or a new look.

But you don’t have to spend everytime…!!!

Aatarah is all set to give your attires a new life with Jagrruti’s Draping concepts.

Here we give out to you, steps our first #AatarahDrape

Step 1- Pleat one end of the dupatta as per the border.

Place it on the right shoulder and after tucking it spread out the pleats.

Step 2- Take the drape down diagonally placing first border and the last border beside each other as shown in the image.
Step 3- Take other end of dupatta, pleat it and tuck it in step formation as shown in the picture.
Step 4- On the back, you will notice, dupatta going down in U-shape.

Take the center of it and tuck it on the back of your right shoulder.

Step 5- Adjust it as shown in the image.

You are bound to look distinctly beautiful!!